Pour Over

Step 1

Set your pore over cone to the vessel you wish to brew into.  Place paper filter in cone and rinse thoroughly with hot water.  This will rinse away any paper taste and heat up your vessel.  Place vessel and cone on your scales and tare.


Step 2

Wight out 14.5g of coffee and grind to a coarser than table salt grind.  Settle your coffee evenly into the pore over cone and tare scales.



Start your timer and add 70g of 96 degree water to the ground coffee. 
※Agitate vigorously
Coffee should finish dropping to a Around the 2 min mark.


Step 4

At to 30 sec, slowly add water spiral motion up to 250ml.  Start yore pore in the center of the coffee bed and spiral to the outer edge.


Open Recipe

14.5g for 1 cup
30g  for 2 cups

Hot Water
250g for 1 cup
500g for 2 cups

Coarser than table salt